What’s Play.lk?

Play.lk is your home for PC/Console Gaming, Gadgets, Pop Culture Toys and anything fun! Brought to you by the founders of Gamer.LK, Play.lk aims to serve and empower the gaming and geek communities in Sri Lanka. We work together with a number of vendors to bring you the best products on the market, straight to your doorstep – fast!

Unboxing delight

You probably know the excitement and anticipation you feel when you get a gift or package and start upwrapping it. That’s us. We at Play.lk aim to serve that feeling with every package we deliver. We are in the business of delivering happiness!

Uncompromising customer service

We’ve been on both sides of the customer service coin, and know how frustrating bad customer service can be. We vow to make your shopping experience with Play.lk the smoothest you’ve seen so far in Sri Lanka – that’s a promise!